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Clean Burn Briquettes


Charcoal is the most utilised energy source for cooking in the urban areas of Ghana while firewood is the most utilised energy source in the rural areas. Charcoal and firewood are highly inefficient and environmentally detrimental sources of energy. Gamma Energie’s Clean-Burn Briquettes aims to promote clean cooking practices in both the rural and urban areas of Ghana. Compared to wood charcoal or firewood, Gamma Energie’s Clean-Burn Briquettes are cheaper, have a much higher burn intensity and last longer. This saves households money and is particularly useful for households at the Bottom-Of-The-Pyramid (BOP).

Implementation of Project

Gamma Energie’s Clean-Burn Briquettes are made from recycled agricultural waste such as coconut shell/husk, palm kernel shell, sugarcane bagasse, corn stalk, cocoa pod husk, as well as wood waste (saw dust), charcoal dust and other environmentally sustainable biomass resources such as bamboo. Gamma Energie’s Clean-Burn Briquettes are a cheaper alternative to environmentally detrimental cooking and heating fuels such as wood-charcoal, firewood and kerosene.

Our Products

Eco Braai

Our premium quality, perfectly shaped BBQ charcoal briquettes, offer top quality grilling pleasure and an excellent output. Gamma’s Eco Braai are made through a careful selection of specific agricultural and agro-forestry residue, charred into powder and blended together with a food-grade binder; resulting in a product with low-ash content and very high heat output which is long-lasting. Our product is a perfect alternative to lump-wood charcoal made from unsustainable resources and practices. Our premium quality briquettes are sold in 3KG, 5KG and 10KG paper bags. Bulk order purchases are also available.

Champion Bidie

Champion Bidie briquettes are made primarily from recycled agro-forestry materials, including charcoal dust, mixed together in a food-grade binder, resulting in no smoke whilst burning, no sparks and no odour. Champion Bidie boasts a long burn-time of 3+ hours. It is sold in already pre-packaged brown paper bags, placed in 40KG printed white polypropylene sacks, making it easier and more environmentally friendly for charcoal vendors to sell to their final consumers. It is excellent for cooking on all types of cookstoves, ovens and compartmental heating systems. This product is cheaper and is a much better alternative to environmentally detrimental cooking and heating fuels such as firewood and kerosene and wood-charcoal (from unsustainable resources and practices).

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